Tuesday, July 22, 2008

2008 Foals

The highlight of spring and early summer as a horse photographer is photographing a new crop of foals at some of the farms I visit. Capturing their fuzzy manes and tails, gangly legs, big liquid eyes, and their simple joy and spirit at being alive is just about the most fun I get to have as a photographer. Here are a few shots from the past month or so.
Two of the beautiful new foals at Fina Vista Paso Finos, both equally stunning. Viggo (he's their Golden Boy after all...just what they ordered) is a beautiful palomino colt out of the red chestnut mare, Pia (sire is a Cremello stallion which guaranteed a palomino). Paloma an equally gorgeous filly, whose colour is something I've never seen, silvery with a darker blanket along her back. Perhaps she'll be a buckskin?

My sister and I had the pleasure of meeting and working with the owners and horses of Back of Beyond Farm in Huntsville, Ontario. Their hunter pony foal, Wicket , absolutely stole my heart. As I was eyeing the trunk of my Ford Station wagon, wondering if they'd notice him gone when I left, I decided his ever watchful mommy would miss him very much, as well as his human mom, Cathy Foyston...so alas, I left empty handed... ;o)