Sunday, December 17, 2006

Season's Greetings!

My oldest, dearest friend, Patty, read and enjoyed my blog recently, and unknowingly reminded me that I have not added any new posts in ages! Shame on me!! Not much happened in November anyway...well winter came and went. And now, with a week till Christmas, spring seems to be imminent.

Ahh Christmas. For me a big part of this holiday is memories. In particular, childhood memories of Christmases past. It is not surprising that some of my favourite memories revolve around horse related toys. How is it possible that a child who rarely ever got to see real live horses could be so passionate about them at such an early age!?

My earliest memory of Christmas is this morning, many years ago, when "Timothy" came into my life. He was named after a colt in my favourite storybook at the time (which I'm a tad embarrassed to say I bought on eBay last year because I just had to peruse it's pages again). Oh the hours we logged on the "trail" together! We had many happy years together, and when my knees were finally level with my ears while riding him, I knew it was soon time to say goodbye.

Now "Barbie" may have been the choice of doll for most little girls but she was far too girlie for me. My kinda gal could be found in one "Jane West" doll. She was part of the "Best of the West" series of toys by Marx. She and her man "Johnny West" (were they married, or just from the West?) provided me with endless hours of playtime scenarios. Of course They each had a horse, she a palomino named Thunderbolt, he a bay with a poseable head (high tech I thought!) I called Buckskin. The set kept growing as I added a palomino colt named Thundercolt (how original!), a buffalo, an English Setter dog, a corral, and a covered chuckwagon! I recently saw many of these toys on eBay...oh my how lovely it would be to hold them again, to fiddle with the plastic saddle and bridle, to place the replica coffee pot in Jane's stiff hand so she could pour Johnny a plastic cup-a- jo (well come on, Johnny had a long, hard day shooting buffalo!). If anyone's looking to get me a Christmas present...

I never did get the real pony I begged for every year, although I never failed to peek out the window first thing every Christmas morning, just in case one was tied out in the front yard with a big red bow around it's neck. Did that really happen to any kid? Do me a favour, if it happened to you, I don't want to ;o).

My hope for you is to have some wonderful memories of your own about holidays' past. Maybe you'll create a few new ones this year.

Merry Christmas, and all the best for 2007!