Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Horse Country

While visiting my sister recently we couldn't resist taking a drive around the countryside in search of a few "roadside horses" as I like to call them, to photograph. Found this willing pair in a field close to Palgrave. I think the white one would make a good unicorn ;o)

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Balls or Butterfly?

Not much horsey action going on during these cold winter days so I shall digress for a bit. Being Mom to 2 active teens is keeping me fairly busy these days. They each have their passion, the older daughter - volleyball, playing for her high school team as well as a city team, the younger daughter - swimming (and she also plays public school volleyball). So every day as I sit transfixed to my monitor, staring longingly at photos of horses frolicking in summer fields, I hear far away voices..."Mom I have a __________ "(insert practice, or game here) "after school so you have to__________"(insert drive us to the game, or have dinner ready for me when I get home here). "Lalalalalala" go the voices in my head, and the faraway voices add "and I have a ____________"(insert swim meet or volleyball tournament here.) "this weekend remember, so we have to drive to ___________"(insert some faraway town which will undoubtedly be engulfed in the worst winter storm of the year the day we have to drive there) "and we have to be there for _________"(insert ungodly early morning hour). "Okay Mom...are you listening??"......"sigh....isn't this a beautiful horse girls....I took this last summer when...." "lalalalala..." go my children as they head for the car..."come on Mom, we're gonna be late!!!"