Thursday, January 31, 2008

Winter Horses

While visiting Glen Oro last week I braved the wind and snow to capture some of the horses that were enjoying the cold weather and flying snowfakes.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Happy (belated) New Year!

Wow have I been delinquent in my blogging! I really do appreciate the lovely comments I've gotten and thanks to those that read and link to my blog...HUG!!! (that's for JT ;oP)

I should let you know that some photos of the horses of Ravenseyrie (see previous post) were published in this month's Equine Wellness Magazine, accompanying a fantastic article written by the horses' owner, Lynne Gerard. I hope you can pick up a copy for yourself!

I got to photograph some wonderful horses in 2007 and got to know some of the owners, which is a bonus of course. I always enjoy meeting new horsey people as they are fairly scarce in my suburban neighbourhood ;o)

One of my favourite locations I discovered practically under my nose was Stonegate Farm. You know destiny is at work when 2 people in the same week tell you about a pair of beautiful Friesians that..." I bet you would love to photograph!!"

Faster than you can say "Where the hell is my 4GB card??!!", I appeared on Lillian's doorstep to photograph the critters of Stonegate Farm.

Ok if you're an avid photographer, you know what it's like to miss a shot, especially of an's kinda hard to get them to do-over. So I had barely set one foot outside the car in front of Lillian's barn when I heard a chorus of barking that sounded like a dozen dogs behind the half door. Then I saw a handsome pointer head peaking over it...and then it was gone. Lillian was about to open it when I asked her if she could please "encourage" her dog to get up there again as it was such a beautiful photo that I was so mad at missing. Here is the result:

I love when you go to a farm to photograph horses, but you know there is always a very good chance you will get to capture many other images of animals and farmyard details. I soon got to meet all 3 dogs (all English Pointers, and just about some of the most lovable, Velcro dogs I've ever met). I did get to meet a fourth dog on a later visit, the BIGGEST Great Dane I've ever laid eyes on...seriously, like having a horse walk around in your house.

Ok back to our regular programming...horses. Stonegate not only has a wonderful selection of horses, including the 2 Friesians I have waited years to photograph, but such beautiful fields and backdrops of birch and maples, always greatly appreciated when you are photographing horses.
Anyway, I had a precious 15 minutes of sunlight to photograph those 2 shiny black Friesians before it was overcast and a storm threatened in the distance.
I hope to go back for some winter photos, I can safely say it is officially winter now! Thanks to Lillian and Stonegate Farm for the fun visits!