Friday, March 30, 2007

Can Am

My sister and I headed to London, Ontario on the 16th of March to attend a couple of days of the horse expo, Can Am, as we did last year.
We saw lots of old friends and made some new. I saw several people from Orillia there including Lori, Carol and Sarah as well as Carol and Todd. Also some past clients from the Meadows in Uxbridge, nice to see you all again!
Lots of the Paso Fino group were there and my photos were on display at the ECPFHA booth. The beautiful Paso Fino stallion, Cavalier QC from Ambleside was there representing this wonderful breed.
I also got a chance to meet the some of the people behind Equine Wellness Magazine and they were even giving away free copies of the latest issue with my photo of Monty on the cover (my second cover with this magazine!).
The Friday night Extravaganza was wonderful again and despite my backbreaking seat in the bleachers, I managed to take quite a few photos of it.
Well the only downside to the weekend was my back failing me, and the hellish night at the Hilton on their soft beds. Thanks to my sister for being my crutch and putting up with my whining and tears.