Friday, February 29, 2008


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Black Horses, White snow!

Yes, it is STILL winter here in Ontario. Today, the last day of February, may be the turning point as temps here will range from -20c this morning to -3c by this afternoon...crazy!

...and that's the weather for back to our regular programming...HORSES!!!

I haven't had much of a chance to do winter equestrian photography, not that there isn't enough winter. It's just that I am a bit of a wimp at the thoughts of standing in the middle of a cold wind-swept field, fumbling with frozen fingers on the camera buttons, camera fogging up, battery draining.... So I was surprised how excited I was, despite my dislike for frostbite, at being able to go back to Stonegate Farm, where Wilby and Henk were awaiting their winter modelling debut. Oh what a day, clear blue sky, fluffy white snow, and shiny black horses (even with their hint of winter coats). I never dreamed my passion for the Paso Fino breed of horse could be challenged...but alas, I have found their equal in beauty in the Friesian Horse.