Tuesday, September 30, 2008

"30 Days Hath September..."

Yes I still have to say that rhyme in my head to know whether this is the last day of the month or not. Where, oh where did summer go?! I don't know for sure but as always it was quickly swallowed up by September, which, btw, is my favourite month.

The bugs mostly go away, the cool nights make it heavenly to sleep with the bedroom window open. The kids go back to school and sports, and a routine is set up once more. This is all well and good but the icing on the September cake for me is the changing colour of the leaves. The brilliant reds, oranges and yellows against a vibrant blue September sky never cease to leave me wonderstruck!! Seriously....picture me, standing in my driveway, staring up towards the top of one the big maple trees in my yard, on a clear bright day, with a huge smile glued to my face....yup, that's how September is for me.

Gosh...I didn't even mention horses did I!? Ok I'll say this, I am starting to book shoots for the upcoming weeks. The official "I have to get my horse photographed with a backdrop of the beautiful fall colours" rush is on folks! Don't wait! Or the colour will be gone in the blink of an eye!

Happy Fall!