Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Frankie arrives! (In search of a Window ~ Part 2)

Once the decision to adopt a greyhound had been made, and even managing to get my family on board, things progressed very quickly.
I contacted 3 adoption agencies by email. The first didn't return my email, the second and third said they didn't adopt to my area, that it was too far for their home visit.

I was becoming discouraged and thought maybe the gods of fate didn't want me to have a greyhound. Further encouragement from my greyhound owning friends Felicity and Cheryl led me to contact Needle-Nose Greyhound Adoption, who works out of Campbellville, Ontario. They were willing to travel to the great white north of Orillia to meet me.
Now we had to decide what kind of dog to get; male, female, age, colour, size, personality? With so many dogs needing to be adopted you could practically tailor them to your liking. We had always had female dogs, I'd heard that males were a bit "goofier" for lack of a better description. Our lives were a tad too quiet anyway so we decided on a male...the bigger the better. Of course he had to be tested safe with cats... and be fairly young, so we could have many years with him. Colour didn't really matter...but I loved the fawn/red dogs so I told them that would be my preference. I had heard black dogs, especially males were a little harder to adopt so we said black would be fine too.

So the wheels were in motion, we were approved to adopt a greyhound, and the next run to the states to pick up dogs would be Oct 17th, and OUR dog would be on that trailer! The dogs were to be shipped from a Daytona, Florida track and met by the adoption agency in Buffalo, where they crossed the border and went to their foster homes until their forever homes were ready for them.
Around the 24th of Sept we got a call from Brenda at Needle-Nose. She had a surprise for us. A male greyhound from a previous load of dogs from the states, who had been at his adoptive home for a week, was being returned through no fault of his own (this is called a "Bounce"). He just wasn't the right match for that family. Fortunately for us she thought he'd be a perfect match for ours. If we wanted him, we could have him within the next week. My husband, who took a bit of encouraging to get on board with this whole greyhound adoption plan, said "How soon can we get him!!?? ;o)

Our 75 lb, 3 year old, bouncing baby boy arrived on Sept 29th (the greyhound people call this their dog's "Gotcha Day"). His racing name was "Hold to Fashion" and you can see all his pedigree and racing stats here. He had been called "Frankie", and as we couldn't agree on a different name, Frankie he stayed. Greyhounds come in a wonderful array of colours and his is a very striking white with red and black brindle patches... or perhaps it's brindle with white patches... ;o)

We held Brenda and Jeff hostage for many hours while we grilled them on all things greyhound, not that I hadn't done my own research. I had already read 3 books on adopted greyhound care. spent countless hours perusing the Internet, lurked on several greyhound owner's forums, and visited people with greyhounds and had them visit my house with their dogs.
They left Frankie in our care that afternoon and as they drove away it ALMOST felt like the day we brought our first child home. Now the care of this special being was in our hands.

Frankie has moved into our house and our hearts, and there are many more stories to be told...another day, another blog.

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Aragon greyhounds said...

Leslie the tunnel was a fluke occurance I think. Lyric went into a tunnel and immediately on entering screamed and came out the other end upset and scared. She had a skin tear on her right outside foreleg that needed a few stitches. The show committee stopped the trial and went into the tunnel to see if there was a loose strut or something she could have gotten cut on. They found nothing and the conclusion was she probably cut herself with her back foot when she scrunched down to get into the tunnel. I have never seen one of my greys do this before or since. Lyric now does tunnels pretty slowly though. But hey at least she is still willing to do them!!
Good luck with your boy. I would suggest training with a very motivational trainer. The greys are not like Border Collies who live to work.