Friday, May 15, 2009

Penetang stroll

As I was getting restless camera syndrome (not enough time with my camera lately) so I decided to take it with me on my weekly excursion to Penetang when I drive with my daughter there for volleyball practices.
Though I did snap a few photos of the practice, my real intention was to wander around the newly discovered town (this was really the first time I've seen it in daylight with cancelled practices and daylight savings time switching over, etc.).
I strolled around the waterfront and docks, then through a park where I photographed some beautiful flowers in the evening light, red winged blackbirds claiming their spot noisily around a pond, and a nice woman and her son who obligingly let me photograph their beautiful dog, Dakota. Dakota seemed to take a liking to me as I'm sure he recognized a lover of all things furred... After a few scratches and pats and proclamations about how beautiful he was, I became the chosen one to throw his beloved red ball. I hope his owner checks in with me!

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